Everything we do at Grace must fit under one of 3 categories.
FIRST, We reach out to help the unbeliever to Christ. But it doesn’t stop there! Once a person believes in Jesus for eternal life, we (SECOND) do everything we can to equip him or her for ministry so each one can become a “steward of influence.” This is done through the preaching on Sunday mornings, participation in small groups throughout the week, personal study in the Bible, and prayer.As believers become grounded in the truths of God’s Word, we (THIRD) encourage them to become “Kingdom initiators” through their Oikos.

Oikos, in the narrow sense, simply means “household” and in the broader sense “sphere of influence.” We believe that everyone has been given the opportunity to influence many people through faithful living. It is a passion and focus of Jesus found in the scriptures in many places.



Everyone is valuable in the eyes of the Lord. We accentuate one another’s strengths and protect one another’s weaknesses. We are about relationships and not rules. We desire to have healthy relationships with God, other believers, and the community in which we live. We are all ministers every day of the week. We also believe that the Grace of God is for every person and we endeavor to introduce each person to the living hope found in Jesus Christ by example and by expression.

Unbelievers (our Oikos)

People need to have a place to understand who God is, how He works in His creation, and what He can do in and through their lives. We want everyone to understand that they are welcome to come, learn, question, and discuss with the understanding that we are here to help them connect with God. We don’t apologize for the fact that we are in the business of helping people to engage with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and then training them as disciples who challenge other people to engage Christ!


We prepare people to lead and serve. Serving Jesus is a group effort, so we link arms to help you become all that God wants you to be…a steward of influence.


The message of the gospel never changes, but the methods are always subject to review, revision or wholesale replacement – all in response to the changing and fluid needs of the world we are called to reach.


Trust is the foundation to every relationship … with God and with others. We endeavor to lead this ministry the same way in every area. Our doors are always open to you as a partner in this ministry.