for over 100 years, bringing the life-changing message of the gospel
to the people of Yuma, Arizona and surrounding areas.
Join us on Sundays at 9:20 am for courses
designed to equip and educate, and then
at 10:45 am for corporate worship.

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Grace Bible Fellowship
300 S. 4th Ave
Yuma, AZ  85364

Just another city in need…

The culture, climate, and customs of Yuma may be different from Los Angeles or Chicago or New York or even Logan Utah, but the spiritual need is the same the world over. Whether you are native to this area or not, the reality is God has called you to be an instrument for His glory and other people’s good … by the way you conduct business, interact with your neighbors, shop at the store, drive down the street, hold open a door, or even how you greet the waitress at your favorite restaurant. Each event is a gift from God to you. A gift to be maximized. A gift to be be poured out. We may be a small city on the border of another state and another country, but we are a big part of God’s redeeming the world. So desire grand desires and dream grand dreams … and lean on your Grand God who loves Yuma as much as any other part of His creation.